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Jupiter in Virgo

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Jupiter in Virgo (Mutable Earth)
August 16, 2015- Sept 16, 2016
by Kathleen Burt
Mundane Perspective
Jupiter, the planet of panoramic vistas and grand visions, will soon be traveling through Virgo, the Sign associated with small things: the minuscule parts of projects and the small steps we take every day towards a goal.
Is it possible to reconcile these two very different perspectives? Yes, but it isn’t always easy, which is one reason esoteric astrologers say that Jupiter is in Detriment in Virgo. Like natal planets in Detriment, transit cycles involving a planet in Detriment require concentration and effort. We need to fully utilize the patience of the Earth Element and the adaptability of the Mutable Mode. We need to suspend Virgo criticism, and moderate Jupiter’s tendency to be judgmental.
Jupiter is, symbolically, the Judge: All-Highest Jove by whom people swore oaths in classical times. The Jupiter/Sagittarius Archetype is associated with a tendency to rush to judgment, before obtaining all the facts, which are associated with the Mercury/Virgo Archetype.
However, there’s an important silver lining to Detriment cycles: if we persevere in the same direction, something very positive is likely to happen at the end, in this case, by September, 2016. The more altruistic our goal; the more inclusive our project, the better the outcome. (See The Collective, below.) We learn a great deal from Detriment Natal planets, and during Detriment transit cycles, perhaps more than we learn in less-challenging times.

When working on a large project with several other people, especially on a fixed deadline (Mutability is uncomfortable with deadlines) there will likely be areas of overlap, where one person’s research, ideas, background/specific knowledge and interests will interfere with or cancel out someone else’s. This may happen because Person A, the “expert” views the overall project differently, and decides upon a short cut which seems more efficient. He may not bother mentioning the short-cut to the group: “Well, duh!” he says later, “my approach seemed obvious; it seemed the only logical way to proceed, so why would I take up everyone’s time discussing it the meeting?” Famous last words.
The others, however, opted for a different approach and proceeded on their own in a different direction, sometimes for months.
An example might help: think back to what happened the first time the Affordable Healthcare Act website went online. This was a large scale (Jupiter) hybrid program (government subsidies and private insurers.) There were many facets and categories (Mercury/Virgo) from insuring people with pre-existing conditions to college students on their parents’ policies. It involved both state and federal funding and creating new Exchanges.
There was a proliferation of Mercury-Virgo details, many programmers were involved, and there was a deadline to meet.
A great many errors resulted. The deadline was extended several times before getting the software right. In the end, a different team was brought in to fix the site. There were complications and delays, but the larger goal, helping millions of uninsured people, was well worth the effort.
Summary: some hints for the Jupiter- in-Virgo cycle: choose a meaningful project. Allocate enough time if there are many features or facets. Set flexible deadlines for various aspects. (Jupiter’s projects tend to mushroom as they go along and new people are added.) Communicate regularly and clearly; schedule meetings on all phases to discuss what, if any changes are required. Listen patiently, avoid jumping to conclusions before the other person has finished speaking. Keep things flexible. Avoid judging others’ idea. Keep the focus on priorities. Avoid getting bogged down in the details.

Jupiter in Virgo, the Esoteric Perspective
Mundane (exoteric) interpretations focus on things like earning a living, planning a vacation or wedding, or moving into a new house. Esoteric symbolism is about topics like spiritual growth or progressing in the journey towards Wholeness, in the Jungian sense.
Jupiter is viewed as Luck at the mundane level, and as Wisdom at the esoteric. Both meanings are valid. Can we “have it all” if we think inclusively enough (Jupiter) and work hard enough? (Virgo) Some individuals do manage to it balanced.
On this Jupiter cycle, we’re challenged to grow beyond brittle literalism, or narrow thinking. Example: Virgo: “I’m going to wiggle myself and my family out of this situation, without any concern for the fallout to others, because Luck is with me now! Jupiter will conjunct my Virgo Sun or Ascendant Sign or Midheaven (career House Cusp.) I’ll have things well set up well by the end of the cycle.”
However, if the Earth Sign’s (Virgo’s) plans are set in concrete, the new structure may be too brittle to sway with the winds of change, symbolized by the Mutable Square that moves in during the spring of 2016. (Saturn’s challenge from early Sagittarius.) At the Mundane Level, Virgo will work out contingent Plans B and C for that period. Earth Signs are good at planning.
But at the Esoteric Level, Faith enters in and Wisdom takes over. At that point, Virgo surrenders: “if things don’t pan out as expected, something or someone new will come along. I’ll remain open to what happens next and revise later. I’m letting go of Plans B and C for now and getting a good night’s sleep.”
Jupiter, the Wisdom symbol, leaves an opening for outside influence: for God, the Higher Self, or Life to open a new door at the right moment. Wisdom works on a higher level. The wisdom of King Solomon in the Bible, is there if we’re receptive. We’re challenged in this cycle (Jupiter-in-Detriment, see above) to avoid judging others’ perspectives, philosophies, approaches and ideas, especially those of people with backgrounds and experiences very different from ours. If we can succeed at this, we’ll learn a lot about ourselves, Life, and of course, about advancing our large-scale (Jupiter) project. Some will volunteer for altruistic causes, (the Saturn- in -Sagittarius’ cycle Dharma.) For the type of project, check the Houses with Virgo and Sagittarius on the cusp.

In summary: symbolically (the Sign) Virgo often wastes energy by over-thinking things, (the planet) Jupiter tends to expend energy blaming others for slowing progress, diluting the idealistic message, or shifting priorities midstream. It’s a challenging cycle, yet much can be accomplished and large- scale, positive changes made.
Both Sagittarius and Virgo are Mutable Signs, favoring flexibility, ideas and communication. Both Signs are helpful by nature.

Jupiter-in-Virgo and the Collective

Since the first Uranus-Pluto square which coincided with the “Arab Spring,” we’ve witnessed the Cosmic Dance between these two outer planets passing through six additional 90-degree contacts. This dance symbolizes the death of the old, post-World War II order (Pluto) and the birth pangs of the new (Uranus.) Though the seven year cycle of squares is waning, the dancers’ Shadows still fall upon the Middle East.
Oil, symbolized by Neptune, is slowly waning in importance. As a result. Western countries will gradually lose interest in the region. In May, 2016 Neptune will join Saturn and Jupiter in a Mutable T-Square (easier to work with than a Fixed or Cardinal Square.)
By June, fast-moving Venus, signifying diplomacy, is the first planet to fill in the missing prong. With Venus in Gemini (Sign of the Twins) there should be at least two workable approaches towards stabilizing the region.
Late May and early June 2016 favor international communication, Then, Venus enters Cancer and the focus shifts inward, “closer to home” and domestic policies.
Jupiter’s apparent retrograde motion through the first quarter of 2016 is best suited to re-evaluating issues related to the Jupiter/ninth House Archetype: Education: in the US, have charter schools worked well enough to justify removing funds from public education? Should public funds be used as scholarship vouchers for religious schools? What about supervisory authority? Does a community have as much control over private (charter) schools as over public schools? Which system is more accountable? Publishing: are children reading more in the Digital Age or less than before? If less, what should be done about it? Overseas vs. domestic focus: shall we fund schools abroad, or focus on the homeland? And standardized tests: how important are they? How has “teaching to the test” worked for students? Authors: do copyright laws for intellectual property still matter in the Digital Age?
Religion, another Sagittarius theme, is now closely associated with the international Archetype as Saturn (Dharma) is simultaneously transiting Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. It’s playing a more important role in international relations. It’s interesting that Pope Francis recently recognized the Palestinian state, and Raul Castro is considering a return to Catholicism after a lifetime as an atheist.

The eclipse on October 21, 2015, at the end of Sagittarius (28 degrees) will be interesting to watch. Eclipses in Sagittarius sometimes coincide with changes in world religions/spiritual leadership. In my client work, late Sagittarius eclipses have coincided with changes on the boards of non-profits.
Global Warming: altruistic concern for the planet may modify or mitigate narrow financial interests, though with Jupiter in Earth (Virgo) that’s problematical. Virgo is, however, concerned with finding practical solutions to specific problems.

Jupiter in Virgo and the Individual

Last year, while Jupiter transited Leo, it seemed as if people with Leo Sun or Leo Rising could reach any goal they set. And the rest of us tended to feel that way about the House with Leo on the cusp. During the Uranus-Jupiter Fire trine, many of us we tried out new, creative ideas, some of which appeared risky to friends and associates. It was a relaxed, more playful time. If we overdid it in the Leo House, we can now reassure our families that caution is returning.
Since some of last year’s Big Ideas worked and others didn’t, it’s time to build on the former and release the latter. During the next 16 months as Jupiter transits wonky Virgo, it’s bringing out the Earth Element. Virgos, Capricorns and Taurans will feel expansive, ready to spend more on travel, books, craft materials, vitamins and anything that makes Virgo feel comfortable and attractive. Some Virgo Sun and Virgo Rising people may gain a few pounds, as they abandon their healthy fruit and cheese desserts for chocolate mousse.
Virgos and other Earth Signs (who receive the trine from Jupiter) will Think Big this year. Cardinal Earth (Capricorn) may be asked to serve on the board of a large organization, Fixed Earth (tenacious Taurus) may spend more on their businesses, some will move to larger spaces with greater visibility; they feel ready now to take on financial risk. Virgos who’ve published blog articles may be asked to contribute to anthologies. Those who’ve been published in anthologies may move on to a larger project, a biography or novel. Craft-minded Virgos may move on from knitting sweaters to Afghans.

Jupiter’s apparent retrograde motion

Jupiter moves Direct from 1 to 23 degrees Virgo between August 1, 2015 and January 8, 2016. Since there are 29 degrees to the Sign, Jupiter travels quite a distance before it “Stations” (vis-à-vis earth’s orbit) in 23 degrees, January 8th
If you have Virgo, Capricorn, and or Taurus planets between 1-23 degrees of Earth, you’ll experience the conjunction (Virgo) or the trines (the other two) in a straight-forward way. This also true for the Rising Sign or Midheaven in these degrees of the Earth Signs.
This is a good time to expand, travel, move to a new house, buy a vacation home or re-locate a distance away. It’s also a good time to begin a study program (learn a practical skill) or open a crafts shop.

Retrograde Jupiter: Virgo’s inner dialogue

The apparent retrograde motion of Jupiter: after about a week in 23 degrees, Jupiter leaves its first Station and begins to slowly backtrack as far as 13 degrees. If you have planets located between 23 and 13 degrees, Jupiter will contact them again. This time, you may be reconsidering your college major, or even the type of school you chose. Or, you may wonder if your craft shop was a mistake. (Perhaps there’s a rumor that the landlord is raising the rent.)
Don’t panic. If you’ve wanted to attend that school or open your store for a long time; the odds are you’re in exactly the right place. If you’ve visited Florida many times, you like the town and your best friend has also retired there, chances are its right for you, even if you’ve heard property taxes and flood insurance are going up. People tend to experience anxiety (or buyers’ remorse) on retrograde Jupiter.
If you have planets in 13-14 degrees, where Jupiter is slow-to-nearly stationary, get some exercise. It’ll be there through the spring. Don’t overthink your situation; it’s counterproductive and leads to insomnia. We tend to forget the temporary delays and frustration, but remember the information acquired during retrogrades a long time.

On May 10, Jupiter turns Direct. (vis-à-vis Earth’s orbit) and is moving more quickly by the first week of June. By Jupiter’s third contact to your planets, going Direct this time, situations will be resolved, probably to your advantage, in the House with Virgo on the cusp.

Example: By the end of June, Virgos who felt frustrated because they couldn’t find carpeting they liked during the retrograde will remark, “I’m so glad now that I didn’t opt for carpeting, because what I really want is tile and area rugs. I’ve lived in the house long enough now to see that.”

If you have planets at the end of an Earth Sign (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) between 24- 29 degrees, you may feel optimistic (jovial) in your Virgo House from August 2015 on. You won’t experience a direct conjunction or trine to your Earth planets early in the Jupiter cycle. Jupiter travels from 24-29 degrees August 12-Sept 10 2016.
Jupiter in Virgo: general suggestions

II the House with Virgo on the cusp, we may need to bring in an expert to help clear away last year’s debris, especially if we overextended our schedules during Jupiter in Leo.
The first quarter of 2016 is the best time to find one, and to revise projects already underway, (Jupiter retrograde, Jan 8-May 9th.)
If an expensive trip is planned for those dates, travel insurance is recommended.
Many Virgos will revise and edit material between April 23 and May 22, 2016. (Mercury, their ruling planet, is Retrograde.)
On the Jupiter-Saturn square in early June, these revisions may push the Mutable Signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini) in a new direction. There may be a change of publisher, or a spin-off from last year’s project may prove more successful than the original idea. This is a good time to consult your agent or look for a new one. Astrologers recommend waiting till after Mercury goes Direct to sign contracts, though.
In early May, 2016 there’s a Mutable T-square involving Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune (if you have planets in the first decanate.) Virgos, Sagittarians, and Pisceans may feel confused about choosing a new direction, there’s so much input from the Universe.
Late May through mid- June two new opportunities, or two new people, may appear, offering to work with Virgo. The dust settles from all of this, and clarity (Virgo logic) returns in July, 2016 when Neptune is no longer as important an influence. Many Earth Signs will feel more settle when Venus enters Cancer (see above.)
Jupiter, the most altruistic, expansive planet, brings out Virgo’s desire to be helpful. Many Virgos will volunteer in 2016.

With so much going on in your life, it’s difficult, but also very important, to find time for your exercise routine.
If you’re associated with a non-profit, the section above: The Collective, may be useful. If you’re interested in spirituality, or in Jungian astrology, you may enjoy the esoteric section.


Jupiter In Leo

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Jupiter in Leo
General information

Jupiter left Cancer (Cardinal Water) and began moving through Leo (Fixed Fire) in mid July, 2014. The Leo transit lasts until August 8, 2015.
During this time, our focus gradually shifts away from last year’s quieter, introverted phase of nurturing family members and away from issues “close to home the house and other personal property, to a more extraverted, active phase. Much was accomplished in this phase, homes were refurbished, children’s sports teams benefitted from parental coaching, and schools from parental volunteering.
Some of us are already feeling the effects of the Jupiter change, remarking, “We’ve been hunkered down” or “cocooning ourselves as a family;” or “treading water” waiting for the economy to improve.
Many of us already sense that it’s now time to take action, moving on towards personal goals and dreams. The choice of the words “treading water” and “taking action” reflect the shift from Water to Fire, as Jupiter, the principle of expansion, changes Elements.
Jupiter symbolizes Big Dreams—it’s the largest planet in the Solar System, second in size only to the Sun, (which is actually a star and not a planet.)
Because Jupiter enhances Leo, the Solar Sign, and Leo shines in a large, magnanimous way, (really makes its presence felt!) it’s important to note that the larger Vision may need review, modification and narrowing of focus. The outside world will challenge us to do this when Saturn squares to Jupiter at the end of the Leo cycle, August 3-8th, 2015. We may resist making changes, it’s a Fixed square, but we and others involved in the project will be challenged to compromise.
Water is a cautious Element, Fire is impulsive, inclined toward risk-taking. With Jupiter in Fire, the risks are greater. And with the Fire Trine from Uranus- in- Aries, an idea may suddenly appeal; it may seem quite original, even unique, but needs further research before taking action (late September-early October 2014.)

Jupiter in Leo and the Individual
Jupiter transiting any Fire Sign adds a playful quality, and that’s especially true this year, as Jupiter emerges from thrifty Cancer. Symbolically, Leo is associated with the Fifth House of the Natural Zodiac, featuring passion, romance and creativity in all its forms.
Our Fire Sign planets want to play, express their passion for life and feel creative. For instance, if you have Fire planets (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and didn’t take a two-week fun-filled vacation last year–a trip that didn’t involve saving the receipts for IRS, or visiting an elderly family member– then you’re definitely due for a fun vacation as Jupiter approaches fire planets: For planets in the early Fire, the Jupiter dates extend through the first week of September; if your planets are between 11-20 degrees Fire, the second week of Sept to October 28th for planets at the end of Fire Signs, 21-30 degrees, good dates for travel, creativity, passion, fun with children (enjoying then rather than coaching or disciplining,) Oct 29 onward.
These dates will also work for people who had fun last year, but people who’ve been “treading water” (see above) may need them more. Adventure travel involving the challenge of strenuous exercise may appeal, quiet yoga and meditation retreats were very popular during Jupiter in Cancer. This cycle. climbing waterfalls, hiking, and canoeing in scenic spots will appeal over introspective, journal-writing workshops.
If you’re over 50 and haven’t exercised in a long time, or are a new to a sport, take care, especially on the October eclipses, the 8th and the 23rd. This eclipse information applies to everyone, not just those with Fire planets.

Shine! Display your art at the local library, read your short story to friends or call public radio and see if you can read it on the air.

The Esoteric Journey: Jupiter in Leo

If you’re a Jungian engaged in the Individuation process, the journey to Wholeness, this could be a key year for discovering new things about yourself, perhaps a year for dialoguing with and bringing images from the shadows of the Creative Unconscious into the daylight of Conscious Awareness. Why not draw the images from Active Imagination; sketch your dream symbols? No artistic talent required! Play with them; see what new insights arise in the process.
Jung, a Leo Sun Sign, did a great deal of this inner work at Midlife, as we know from the Red Book. But first, he created solitude time for himself by closing the office door to his clients and his family during certain hours every day. He found others to help him, younger therapists to take over many of his patients, and help organizing his lecture series. In the midst of our busy lives, it’s important to take time to check in without ourselves, are we enjoying what we’re doing? If not Jupiter helps us re-envision new activities, new ways of being.
While it’s true the rest of us are not Carl Jung and we probably won’t produce something as spectacular as the Red Book, we can use the Jupiter-in Leo in a similar way, applying the passion of Jupiter in Fire to our projects and our inner work.
Whatever our spiritual path, Jupiter’s wisdom is accessible to those who make time for our spiritual practice, the daily routine that grounds us and helps shape our Vision for the years ahead.
If meditation is your path and brings you Joy, then Jupiter (Jove) in Leo is a excellent time to focus. Let the energy flow, without the limitations of “should and oughts,” without thinking, “it’s such a busy day, I only have 20 minutes free. I should wait till I have more time.” Use the 20 minutes! The rest of your day will flow much better.
We might also shine our light by contributing some of our resources, in the spirit of Leo magnanimity, to those in need, the tired caretakers of our elderly relatives, the hardworking single mom next door who might benefit from our providing her a helper once a week.

Jupiter in Leo and the Collective

For a year Jupiter in Cancer, a Sign associated with nationalism and patriotism (love of the Homeland) softened the harsh Cardinal Square between the two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, but now Jupiter has moved on into Fixity and is transiting a Sign associated with (national) individuality. Many seek greater independence and/or recognition. The upcoming election in Scotland is an example.
Several world leaders are currently pondering their legacies. It came as no surprise when one of them proudly reminded us that his country is a nuclear power, because uranium and plutonium, two metals associated with nuclear weapons, are also associated with these two outer planets. Though still moving through the Cardinal Square, they now lack Jupiter’s mitigating influence. So, this saber-rattling is understandable, though it’s highly unlikely that a world leader would choose nuclear war as his legacy; he’d need survivors around to praise him in future textbooks!
From Sept 30 through Oct 24, Venus travels through the Cardinal Square, occupying its Sign of Rulership, Libra. We may feel some relief—at least catch our breaths and get a second wind– during the transit of diplomatic, tactful, Venus. This may soften the impact of the two October eclipses. If we’ve been waiting to discuss a controversial issue with a spouse or neighbor, this transit, if it affects our Natal chart positively, may be the best time this year.
The downside to Jupiter in Leo is the old adage, “pride goeth before a fall.” Leo is the “royal” Sign; Jupiter, too, is traditionally associated with dynasties, monarchies, and Absolute Truth. (The Emperor wore purple, Jupiter’s royal color.)
One can hope that religious and patriotic individuals and their leaders will expand their thinking to respect other peoples’ truths, as well as their own Absolute Truth, as The Great Benefic moves through Leo.

Many are already feeling the effects if

who remark that they’ve “hunkered down” or “cocooned” themselves in an effort to stabilize the status quo, to secure their position in the community where their children attend school, work with the PTA or coach a child’s sports’ team.
Parents and middle-aged caretakers of older parents have put their own dreams on hold while helping others have begun asking themselves if they’ve simply been “treading water,” and wondering if it’s time to move on, in the direction



Uranus in Aries

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Uranus enters Aries, Spring 2011

         Uranus, harbinger of restlessness and self-awareness, entered Aries on March 13, a week before the Vernal Equinox, when the astrological New Year begins. Both the Sign and the planet are associated with new beginnings.

        In Spring 2011, Uranus impels us towards freedom and independence. We feel its ingress into the Fire Sign Aries simultaneously in three different areas, World Events that happen around us, our personal lives, and in combination with Jupiter in Aries, as spiritual inspiration. Uranus energizes us, urging us to change.

        At the same time, Uranus also accentuates the wilder side of Mars-ruled Aries. This Spring most of us will feel more impatient, impulsive, impetuous and restless than we’ve felt in a long time. Surprises are coming, requiring quick thinking and flexible reactions.

        Uranus spent the last seven years in Pisces. At the end of that cycle, many of us felt claustrophobic, hemmed in or limited by our circumstances. There was a tendency to brood, but most of us adjusted, accepting our lot in life. Pisces is a self-sacrificing, Mutable Sign!

        However, by the end of the Pisces cycle (2009-10,) free-floating anxiety had accumulated in the nervous system. Now, suddenly, with Uranus’ entry into Aries, we’re beginning to feel like wild horses champing at the bit, attempting to break free. Ready for action, we’re ready to kick over the traces and start anew, even if it means racing off in the wrong direction! Uranus in Fire is very difficult to rein in.

        Before Jupiter conjuncts Mars in late April and impetuous decisions are made, it’s a good idea to stop, take a deep breath and remind ourselves that Uranus will be in Aries for seven years! There’s time to experiment, try out new Masks and new experiences. Some will fit us well. These will be integrated or grounded between 2018 and 2025, (Uranus in Taurus,) and others will drop away.

Uranus-in-Aries: World Events in 2011

         Uranus inAries represents upheaval. Nations suddenly want to be free. Around the world, people are challenging authority and tradition. Each time we listen to the news, we hear about another pro-democracy revolution in the Arab World or a confrontation between the Right and Left in another Midwestern state.

        Uranus in Aries represents freedom, but not freedom from controversy!  Mars, ruler of Aries, enjoys a good fight, particularly a battle over rights!

         In the United States, labor unions hold large rallies, defending tenure or collective bargaining rights from governors and state legislatures. Homeowners go to court with banks, struggling to protect their property from foreclosure.

        As federal government begins to implementing changes in health care, individual states are asserting the sovereign right to make their own decisions. The Mutable Piscean spirit of compromise is rapidly waning.

        Everywhere, people want change but find it difficult to reach consensus. Whose agenda will be followed? How will changes be implemented? Which side will lead and which will follow?  Is it more important to invest in education or pay off the national debt?

        Uranus is quixotic and unpredictable. Leaders, present and future, will be tested as they react to events beyond their control. They’ll have to “wing it” during the seven year cycle.  A Cardinal Cross is building with Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and an eclipse in Cancer July 1st.

Uranus-in-Aries and the Individual Horoscope

         In addition to adjusting to Uranus’ changes in the outer world that challenge our preconceptions and expectations, (“as a teacher, I’ll always have tenure; my pension is assured,” or, “I can count on maintaining my current lifestyle in retirement,”) we’re inwardly struggling with restless, impatient, impetuous, freedom-loving Uranus.

        Everyone has Aries on the cusp of one of the 12 Houses.* Because Jupiter is already moving through that House, you may already feel confident and optimistic in that area of life. 

        People who resonate with Jupiter often feel prepared for Uranus’ changes. The two planets are connected, Uranus is the mundane ruler of Aquarius, and Jupiter is its esoteric or spiritual ruler.

        Jupiter is in Aries from June 2010 through June 5, 2011. As Jupiter moves through our “Aries” House, we may believe, or intuit, that things will turn out well there. First, Jupiter prepares us to expect an opportunity. Then, when Uranus comes along, the change may feel liberating.

        If Uranus enters the Second House, for instance, a man may lose his job and file bankruptcy but be philosophical about it. Though he misses his credit cards, he may feel revitalized. “With all that debt gone, I’m free to start over.”

        If Uranus enters the Eighth House, fallout from the property Bust may result in a woman losing her retirement condo; she can no longer afford both her Northern home and her Florida property. However, with Uranus in Aries, she may suddenly find herself free to choose an entirely different retirement city, or maybe even consider a different country.

        With Aries on the cusp on the Eleventh House, a new friend met in 2011 may be a conduit for change and may be important in a person’s life for years to come.

        Jupiter represents geographic space, foreign travel, and relocation. For example, for someone with Aries on the Fourth House cusp, transiting Jupiter and Uranus together may symbolize a sudden opportunity to live abroad while studying or teaching. Both transiting planets are associated with education.

 Uranus-in-Aries: Spiritual (esoteric) changes

         The new Uranus cycle will be liberating on many levels. Developing nations discover they’re ready for democracy; individuals leave the past behind to embrace an unknown future.

        But Uranus is also an impulse toward spiritual growth. It widens and deepens our awareness.

        Uranus pushes us beyond the limits of our preconceptions and expectations. This is particularly true for people over 50, who’ve benefited from decades of life experience. 

        Uranus represents sudden, unexpected change, the kind we can’t prepare for, no matter how much money or insurance we accumulate. Uranus dramatically challenges that sense of “how things should be,” based upon observing our ancestors grow older. The risks and challenges we face are so different from theirs!

        Though we’re in a hurry to move on; to break loose, the outside world seems in control. In 2011, we’re likely to find ourselves reacting more often than acting.

        In the next seven years, we’ll be writing a new script for ourselves, moving into the unknown future, aided by the courage and confidence of Uranus-in-Aries

 * Unless there’s an intercept at the time of birth, in which case, the Aries glyph will be found outside the circle, in the middle of a House rather than on one of the cusps.


What did we learn during 2009?

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All insights are welcomed as Jupiter-in-Aquarius comes to an end January 20. On Jupiter’s passage through its Sign of Exaltation many of us played financial catch-up after a cycle of immoderate spending.  Midway through the year, for instance, Kathleen shifted from credit cards to her debit card. Perhaps you published in 2009 or began an academic program? The Jupiter/Sagittarius archetype is about such Ninth House endeavors, favored by Jupiter-inAir.  Or Maybe your exalted Jupiter-experiences were more spiritual. Did you make a long-awaited spiritual pilgrimage? Join a meditation, recovery, or self-awareness group? Take a Sanskrit name? Reach enlightenment? There are many levels to Jupiter! Here’s an opportunity to discuss them all. Those who enjoy making predictions will probably prefer discussing the New Year to analyzing the Old Year. Jupiter enters Pisces January 20th. With the exception of June 6th-thru- September 10th, Jupiter will spend the year there. As ruler of Pisces untll the Nineteenth Century (when Neptune was discovered) Jupiter left its imprint on the Sign. 


What do you think this transit will mean for conservative religions?  For consumer confidance and the world economy? Will spas, hot springs and arts-and-craft festivals become more popular than workshops and book clubs? Will it be a good year for audio books and videos? The music industry?  In 2010, will Jupiter favor leaving the “rat race” for a Caribbean vacation or favor a trip to Las Vegas? Or  you may prefer commenting on a specific time frame–a possible event–rather than a year-long trend:

Jupiter enters early Aries in June. There’s a Solar eclipse in Cancer on July 11th. Then, by early August, Jupiter- in -Aries opposes Saturn in early Libra. The first weeekend of August,  the Mars- opposite -Uranus transit aligns with them. These oppositions form part of a large structure, a T-Cross, including the Moon-in-Cancer, August 7.  The North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn are, loosely, part of the structure, too.  Mars will reach the degree of the Nodes, squaring both, August 16-18. 

 The adjective “fateful” is sometimes used when the Nodes and Mars are involved in Cardinal Crosses like this, especially when the Cross appears close to an eclipse. Would anyone care to predict an event for the time frame,  July 11th-thru-August 18th?  What, if any, will be the effect on the recovering world economy? The Middle East? International politics?  The horoscope of a particular world leader?


Question For September

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For astrologers and astrology Temple of Cronus and Rheahobbyists: We know that Saturn will soon leave Virgo and move into Libra, it’s Sign of Exaltation. (October 30, 2009.) In every Greek Temple of Chronus there was a scales, signifying  the importance of balance. What do you think Saturn-in-Libra will mean for the country? For the world? For Librans? Have you any examples to share, experiences of family, friends or clients from Saturn’s last journey through Libra.from late September 1980 to August 10, 1983?

 Note, though, that the last time around Jupiter was also in Libra  from late 1980 through November 29, 1981 and affected Saturn’s influence; this time there won’t be a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction.