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Jupiter in Virgo

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Jupiter in Virgo (Mutable Earth) August 16, 2015- Sept 16, 2016 by Kathleen Burt Mundane Perspective Jupiter, the planet of panoramic vistas and grand visions, will soon be traveling through Virgo, the Sign associated with small things: the minuscule parts of projects and the small steps we take every day towards a goal. Is it […]


Jupiter In Leo

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Jupiter in Leo General information Jupiter left Cancer (Cardinal Water) and began moving through Leo (Fixed Fire) in mid July, 2014. The Leo transit lasts until August 8, 2015. During this time, our focus gradually shifts away from last year’s quieter, introverted phase of nurturing family members and away from issues “close to home the […]


Uranus in Aries

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Uranus enters Aries, Spring 2011          Uranus, harbinger of restlessness and self-awareness, entered Aries on March 13, a week before the Vernal Equinox, when the astrological New Year begins. Both the Sign and the planet are associated with new beginnings.         In Spring 2011, Uranus impels us towards freedom and independence. We feel its ingress […]


What did we learn during 2009?

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All insights are welcomed as Jupiter-in-Aquarius comes to an end January 20. On Jupiter’s passage through its Sign of Exaltation many of us played financial catch-up after a cycle of immoderate spending.  Midway through the year, for instance, Kathleen shifted from credit cards to her debit card. Perhaps you published in 2009 or began an academic program? The Jupiter/Sagittarius archetype is about such Ninth House endeavors, favored by Jupiter-in–Air.  Or […]


Question For September

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For astrologers and astrology hobbyists: We know that Saturn will soon leave Virgo and move into Libra, it’s Sign of Exaltation. (October 30, 2009.) In every Greek Temple of Chronus there was a scales, signifying  the importance of balance. What do you think Saturn-in-Libra will mean for the country? For the world? For Librans? Have you any examples to share, experiences […]