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Question For September

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For astrologers and astrology Temple of Cronus and Rheahobbyists: We know that Saturn will soon leave Virgo and move into Libra, it’s Sign of Exaltation. (October 30, 2009.) In every Greek Temple of Chronus there was a scales, signifying  the importance of balance. What do you think Saturn-in-Libra will mean for the country? For the world? For Librans? Have you any examples to share, experiences of family, friends or clients from Saturn’s last journey through Libra.from late September 1980 to August 10, 1983?

 Note, though, that the last time around Jupiter was also in Libra  from late 1980 through November 29, 1981 and affected Saturn’s influence; this time there won’t be a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction.