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What did we learn during 2009?

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All insights are welcomed as Jupiter-in-Aquarius comes to an end January 20. On Jupiter’s passage through its Sign of Exaltation many of us played financial catch-up after a cycle of immoderate spending.  Midway through the year, for instance, Kathleen shifted from credit cards to her debit card. Perhaps you published in 2009 or began an academic program? The Jupiter/Sagittarius archetype is about such Ninth House endeavors, favored by Jupiter-inAir.  Or Maybe your exalted Jupiter-experiences were more spiritual. Did you make a long-awaited spiritual pilgrimage? Join a meditation, recovery, or self-awareness group? Take a Sanskrit name? Reach enlightenment? There are many levels to Jupiter! Here’s an opportunity to discuss them all. Those who enjoy making predictions will probably prefer discussing the New Year to analyzing the Old Year. Jupiter enters Pisces January 20th. With the exception of June 6th-thru- September 10th, Jupiter will spend the year there. As ruler of Pisces untll the Nineteenth Century (when Neptune was discovered) Jupiter left its imprint on the Sign. 


What do you think this transit will mean for conservative religions?  For consumer confidance and the world economy? Will spas, hot springs and arts-and-craft festivals become more popular than workshops and book clubs? Will it be a good year for audio books and videos? The music industry?  In 2010, will Jupiter favor leaving the “rat race” for a Caribbean vacation or favor a trip to Las Vegas? Or  you may prefer commenting on a specific time frame–a possible event–rather than a year-long trend:

Jupiter enters early Aries in June. There’s a Solar eclipse in Cancer on July 11th. Then, by early August, Jupiter- in -Aries opposes Saturn in early Libra. The first weeekend of August,  the Mars- opposite -Uranus transit aligns with them. These oppositions form part of a large structure, a T-Cross, including the Moon-in-Cancer, August 7.  The North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn are, loosely, part of the structure, too.  Mars will reach the degree of the Nodes, squaring both, August 16-18. 

 The adjective “fateful” is sometimes used when the Nodes and Mars are involved in Cardinal Crosses like this, especially when the Cross appears close to an eclipse. Would anyone care to predict an event for the time frame,  July 11th-thru-August 18th?  What, if any, will be the effect on the recovering world economy? The Middle East? International politics?  The horoscope of a particular world leader?