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Uranus in Aries

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Uranus enters Aries, Spring 2011

         Uranus, harbinger of restlessness and self-awareness, entered Aries on March 13, a week before the Vernal Equinox, when the astrological New Year begins. Both the Sign and the planet are associated with new beginnings.

        In Spring 2011, Uranus impels us towards freedom and independence. We feel its ingress into the Fire Sign Aries simultaneously in three different areas, World Events that happen around us, our personal lives, and in combination with Jupiter in Aries, as spiritual inspiration. Uranus energizes us, urging us to change.

        At the same time, Uranus also accentuates the wilder side of Mars-ruled Aries. This Spring most of us will feel more impatient, impulsive, impetuous and restless than we’ve felt in a long time. Surprises are coming, requiring quick thinking and flexible reactions.

        Uranus spent the last seven years in Pisces. At the end of that cycle, many of us felt claustrophobic, hemmed in or limited by our circumstances. There was a tendency to brood, but most of us adjusted, accepting our lot in life. Pisces is a self-sacrificing, Mutable Sign!

        However, by the end of the Pisces cycle (2009-10,) free-floating anxiety had accumulated in the nervous system. Now, suddenly, with Uranus’ entry into Aries, we’re beginning to feel like wild horses champing at the bit, attempting to break free. Ready for action, we’re ready to kick over the traces and start anew, even if it means racing off in the wrong direction! Uranus in Fire is very difficult to rein in.

        Before Jupiter conjuncts Mars in late April and impetuous decisions are made, it’s a good idea to stop, take a deep breath and remind ourselves that Uranus will be in Aries for seven years! There’s time to experiment, try out new Masks and new experiences. Some will fit us well. These will be integrated or grounded between 2018 and 2025, (Uranus in Taurus,) and others will drop away.

Uranus-in-Aries: World Events in 2011

         Uranus inAries represents upheaval. Nations suddenly want to be free. Around the world, people are challenging authority and tradition. Each time we listen to the news, we hear about another pro-democracy revolution in the Arab World or a confrontation between the Right and Left in another Midwestern state.

        Uranus in Aries represents freedom, but not freedom from controversy!  Mars, ruler of Aries, enjoys a good fight, particularly a battle over rights!

         In the United States, labor unions hold large rallies, defending tenure or collective bargaining rights from governors and state legislatures. Homeowners go to court with banks, struggling to protect their property from foreclosure.

        As federal government begins to implementing changes in health care, individual states are asserting the sovereign right to make their own decisions. The Mutable Piscean spirit of compromise is rapidly waning.

        Everywhere, people want change but find it difficult to reach consensus. Whose agenda will be followed? How will changes be implemented? Which side will lead and which will follow?  Is it more important to invest in education or pay off the national debt?

        Uranus is quixotic and unpredictable. Leaders, present and future, will be tested as they react to events beyond their control. They’ll have to “wing it” during the seven year cycle.  A Cardinal Cross is building with Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and an eclipse in Cancer July 1st.

Uranus-in-Aries and the Individual Horoscope

         In addition to adjusting to Uranus’ changes in the outer world that challenge our preconceptions and expectations, (“as a teacher, I’ll always have tenure; my pension is assured,” or, “I can count on maintaining my current lifestyle in retirement,”) we’re inwardly struggling with restless, impatient, impetuous, freedom-loving Uranus.

        Everyone has Aries on the cusp of one of the 12 Houses.* Because Jupiter is already moving through that House, you may already feel confident and optimistic in that area of life. 

        People who resonate with Jupiter often feel prepared for Uranus’ changes. The two planets are connected, Uranus is the mundane ruler of Aquarius, and Jupiter is its esoteric or spiritual ruler.

        Jupiter is in Aries from June 2010 through June 5, 2011. As Jupiter moves through our “Aries” House, we may believe, or intuit, that things will turn out well there. First, Jupiter prepares us to expect an opportunity. Then, when Uranus comes along, the change may feel liberating.

        If Uranus enters the Second House, for instance, a man may lose his job and file bankruptcy but be philosophical about it. Though he misses his credit cards, he may feel revitalized. “With all that debt gone, I’m free to start over.”

        If Uranus enters the Eighth House, fallout from the property Bust may result in a woman losing her retirement condo; she can no longer afford both her Northern home and her Florida property. However, with Uranus in Aries, she may suddenly find herself free to choose an entirely different retirement city, or maybe even consider a different country.

        With Aries on the cusp on the Eleventh House, a new friend met in 2011 may be a conduit for change and may be important in a person’s life for years to come.

        Jupiter represents geographic space, foreign travel, and relocation. For example, for someone with Aries on the Fourth House cusp, transiting Jupiter and Uranus together may symbolize a sudden opportunity to live abroad while studying or teaching. Both transiting planets are associated with education.

 Uranus-in-Aries: Spiritual (esoteric) changes

         The new Uranus cycle will be liberating on many levels. Developing nations discover they’re ready for democracy; individuals leave the past behind to embrace an unknown future.

        But Uranus is also an impulse toward spiritual growth. It widens and deepens our awareness.

        Uranus pushes us beyond the limits of our preconceptions and expectations. This is particularly true for people over 50, who’ve benefited from decades of life experience. 

        Uranus represents sudden, unexpected change, the kind we can’t prepare for, no matter how much money or insurance we accumulate. Uranus dramatically challenges that sense of “how things should be,” based upon observing our ancestors grow older. The risks and challenges we face are so different from theirs!

        Though we’re in a hurry to move on; to break loose, the outside world seems in control. In 2011, we’re likely to find ourselves reacting more often than acting.

        In the next seven years, we’ll be writing a new script for ourselves, moving into the unknown future, aided by the courage and confidence of Uranus-in-Aries

 * Unless there’s an intercept at the time of birth, in which case, the Aries glyph will be found outside the circle, in the middle of a House rather than on one of the cusps.

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