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Jupiter In Leo

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Jupiter in Leo
General information

Jupiter left Cancer (Cardinal Water) and began moving through Leo (Fixed Fire) in mid July, 2014. The Leo transit lasts until August 8, 2015.
During this time, our focus gradually shifts away from last year’s quieter, introverted phase of nurturing family members and away from issues “close to home the house and other personal property, to a more extraverted, active phase. Much was accomplished in this phase, homes were refurbished, children’s sports teams benefitted from parental coaching, and schools from parental volunteering.
Some of us are already feeling the effects of the Jupiter change, remarking, “We’ve been hunkered down” or “cocooning ourselves as a family;” or “treading water” waiting for the economy to improve.
Many of us already sense that it’s now time to take action, moving on towards personal goals and dreams. The choice of the words “treading water” and “taking action” reflect the shift from Water to Fire, as Jupiter, the principle of expansion, changes Elements.
Jupiter symbolizes Big Dreams—it’s the largest planet in the Solar System, second in size only to the Sun, (which is actually a star and not a planet.)
Because Jupiter enhances Leo, the Solar Sign, and Leo shines in a large, magnanimous way, (really makes its presence felt!) it’s important to note that the larger Vision may need review, modification and narrowing of focus. The outside world will challenge us to do this when Saturn squares to Jupiter at the end of the Leo cycle, August 3-8th, 2015. We may resist making changes, it’s a Fixed square, but we and others involved in the project will be challenged to compromise.
Water is a cautious Element, Fire is impulsive, inclined toward risk-taking. With Jupiter in Fire, the risks are greater. And with the Fire Trine from Uranus- in- Aries, an idea may suddenly appeal; it may seem quite original, even unique, but needs further research before taking action (late September-early October 2014.)

Jupiter in Leo and the Individual
Jupiter transiting any Fire Sign adds a playful quality, and that’s especially true this year, as Jupiter emerges from thrifty Cancer. Symbolically, Leo is associated with the Fifth House of the Natural Zodiac, featuring passion, romance and creativity in all its forms.
Our Fire Sign planets want to play, express their passion for life and feel creative. For instance, if you have Fire planets (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and didn’t take a two-week fun-filled vacation last year–a trip that didn’t involve saving the receipts for IRS, or visiting an elderly family member– then you’re definitely due for a fun vacation as Jupiter approaches fire planets: For planets in the early Fire, the Jupiter dates extend through the first week of September; if your planets are between 11-20 degrees Fire, the second week of Sept to October 28th for planets at the end of Fire Signs, 21-30 degrees, good dates for travel, creativity, passion, fun with children (enjoying then rather than coaching or disciplining,) Oct 29 onward.
These dates will also work for people who had fun last year, but people who’ve been “treading water” (see above) may need them more. Adventure travel involving the challenge of strenuous exercise may appeal, quiet yoga and meditation retreats were very popular during Jupiter in Cancer. This cycle. climbing waterfalls, hiking, and canoeing in scenic spots will appeal over introspective, journal-writing workshops.
If you’re over 50 and haven’t exercised in a long time, or are a new to a sport, take care, especially on the October eclipses, the 8th and the 23rd. This eclipse information applies to everyone, not just those with Fire planets.

Shine! Display your art at the local library, read your short story to friends or call public radio and see if you can read it on the air.

The Esoteric Journey: Jupiter in Leo

If you’re a Jungian engaged in the Individuation process, the journey to Wholeness, this could be a key year for discovering new things about yourself, perhaps a year for dialoguing with and bringing images from the shadows of the Creative Unconscious into the daylight of Conscious Awareness. Why not draw the images from Active Imagination; sketch your dream symbols? No artistic talent required! Play with them; see what new insights arise in the process.
Jung, a Leo Sun Sign, did a great deal of this inner work at Midlife, as we know from the Red Book. But first, he created solitude time for himself by closing the office door to his clients and his family during certain hours every day. He found others to help him, younger therapists to take over many of his patients, and help organizing his lecture series. In the midst of our busy lives, it’s important to take time to check in without ourselves, are we enjoying what we’re doing? If not Jupiter helps us re-envision new activities, new ways of being.
While it’s true the rest of us are not Carl Jung and we probably won’t produce something as spectacular as the Red Book, we can use the Jupiter-in Leo in a similar way, applying the passion of Jupiter in Fire to our projects and our inner work.
Whatever our spiritual path, Jupiter’s wisdom is accessible to those who make time for our spiritual practice, the daily routine that grounds us and helps shape our Vision for the years ahead.
If meditation is your path and brings you Joy, then Jupiter (Jove) in Leo is a excellent time to focus. Let the energy flow, without the limitations of “should and oughts,” without thinking, “it’s such a busy day, I only have 20 minutes free. I should wait till I have more time.” Use the 20 minutes! The rest of your day will flow much better.
We might also shine our light by contributing some of our resources, in the spirit of Leo magnanimity, to those in need, the tired caretakers of our elderly relatives, the hardworking single mom next door who might benefit from our providing her a helper once a week.

Jupiter in Leo and the Collective

For a year Jupiter in Cancer, a Sign associated with nationalism and patriotism (love of the Homeland) softened the harsh Cardinal Square between the two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, but now Jupiter has moved on into Fixity and is transiting a Sign associated with (national) individuality. Many seek greater independence and/or recognition. The upcoming election in Scotland is an example.
Several world leaders are currently pondering their legacies. It came as no surprise when one of them proudly reminded us that his country is a nuclear power, because uranium and plutonium, two metals associated with nuclear weapons, are also associated with these two outer planets. Though still moving through the Cardinal Square, they now lack Jupiter’s mitigating influence. So, this saber-rattling is understandable, though it’s highly unlikely that a world leader would choose nuclear war as his legacy; he’d need survivors around to praise him in future textbooks!
From Sept 30 through Oct 24, Venus travels through the Cardinal Square, occupying its Sign of Rulership, Libra. We may feel some relief—at least catch our breaths and get a second wind– during the transit of diplomatic, tactful, Venus. This may soften the impact of the two October eclipses. If we’ve been waiting to discuss a controversial issue with a spouse or neighbor, this transit, if it affects our Natal chart positively, may be the best time this year.
The downside to Jupiter in Leo is the old adage, “pride goeth before a fall.” Leo is the “royal” Sign; Jupiter, too, is traditionally associated with dynasties, monarchies, and Absolute Truth. (The Emperor wore purple, Jupiter’s royal color.)
One can hope that religious and patriotic individuals and their leaders will expand their thinking to respect other peoples’ truths, as well as their own Absolute Truth, as The Great Benefic moves through Leo.

Many are already feeling the effects if

who remark that they’ve “hunkered down” or “cocooned” themselves in an effort to stabilize the status quo, to secure their position in the community where their children attend school, work with the PTA or coach a child’s sports’ team.
Parents and middle-aged caretakers of older parents have put their own dreams on hold while helping others have begun asking themselves if they’ve simply been “treading water,” and wondering if it’s time to move on, in the direction


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