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Jupiter in Virgo

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Jupiter in Virgo (Mutable Earth)
August 16, 2015- Sept 16, 2016
by Kathleen Burt
Mundane Perspective
Jupiter, the planet of panoramic vistas and grand visions, will soon be traveling through Virgo, the Sign associated with small things: the minuscule parts of projects and the small steps we take every day towards a goal.
Is it possible to reconcile these two very different perspectives? Yes, but it isn’t always easy, which is one reason esoteric astrologers say that Jupiter is in Detriment in Virgo. Like natal planets in Detriment, transit cycles involving a planet in Detriment require concentration and effort. We need to fully utilize the patience of the Earth Element and the adaptability of the Mutable Mode. We need to suspend Virgo criticism, and moderate Jupiter’s tendency to be judgmental.
Jupiter is, symbolically, the Judge: All-Highest Jove by whom people swore oaths in classical times. The Jupiter/Sagittarius Archetype is associated with a tendency to rush to judgment, before obtaining all the facts, which are associated with the Mercury/Virgo Archetype.
However, there’s an important silver lining to Detriment cycles: if we persevere in the same direction, something very positive is likely to happen at the end, in this case, by September, 2016. The more altruistic our goal; the more inclusive our project, the better the outcome. (See The Collective, below.) We learn a great deal from Detriment Natal planets, and during Detriment transit cycles, perhaps more than we learn in less-challenging times.

When working on a large project with several other people, especially on a fixed deadline (Mutability is uncomfortable with deadlines) there will likely be areas of overlap, where one person’s research, ideas, background/specific knowledge and interests will interfere with or cancel out someone else’s. This may happen because Person A, the “expert” views the overall project differently, and decides upon a short cut which seems more efficient. He may not bother mentioning the short-cut to the group: “Well, duh!” he says later, “my approach seemed obvious; it seemed the only logical way to proceed, so why would I take up everyone’s time discussing it the meeting?” Famous last words.
The others, however, opted for a different approach and proceeded on their own in a different direction, sometimes for months.
An example might help: think back to what happened the first time the Affordable Healthcare Act website went online. This was a large scale (Jupiter) hybrid program (government subsidies and private insurers.) There were many facets and categories (Mercury/Virgo) from insuring people with pre-existing conditions to college students on their parents’ policies. It involved both state and federal funding and creating new Exchanges.
There was a proliferation of Mercury-Virgo details, many programmers were involved, and there was a deadline to meet.
A great many errors resulted. The deadline was extended several times before getting the software right. In the end, a different team was brought in to fix the site. There were complications and delays, but the larger goal, helping millions of uninsured people, was well worth the effort.
Summary: some hints for the Jupiter- in-Virgo cycle: choose a meaningful project. Allocate enough time if there are many features or facets. Set flexible deadlines for various aspects. (Jupiter’s projects tend to mushroom as they go along and new people are added.) Communicate regularly and clearly; schedule meetings on all phases to discuss what, if any changes are required. Listen patiently, avoid jumping to conclusions before the other person has finished speaking. Keep things flexible. Avoid judging others’ idea. Keep the focus on priorities. Avoid getting bogged down in the details.

Jupiter in Virgo, the Esoteric Perspective
Mundane (exoteric) interpretations focus on things like earning a living, planning a vacation or wedding, or moving into a new house. Esoteric symbolism is about topics like spiritual growth or progressing in the journey towards Wholeness, in the Jungian sense.
Jupiter is viewed as Luck at the mundane level, and as Wisdom at the esoteric. Both meanings are valid. Can we “have it all” if we think inclusively enough (Jupiter) and work hard enough? (Virgo) Some individuals do manage to it balanced.
On this Jupiter cycle, we’re challenged to grow beyond brittle literalism, or narrow thinking. Example: Virgo: “I’m going to wiggle myself and my family out of this situation, without any concern for the fallout to others, because Luck is with me now! Jupiter will conjunct my Virgo Sun or Ascendant Sign or Midheaven (career House Cusp.) I’ll have things well set up well by the end of the cycle.”
However, if the Earth Sign’s (Virgo’s) plans are set in concrete, the new structure may be too brittle to sway with the winds of change, symbolized by the Mutable Square that moves in during the spring of 2016. (Saturn’s challenge from early Sagittarius.) At the Mundane Level, Virgo will work out contingent Plans B and C for that period. Earth Signs are good at planning.
But at the Esoteric Level, Faith enters in and Wisdom takes over. At that point, Virgo surrenders: “if things don’t pan out as expected, something or someone new will come along. I’ll remain open to what happens next and revise later. I’m letting go of Plans B and C for now and getting a good night’s sleep.”
Jupiter, the Wisdom symbol, leaves an opening for outside influence: for God, the Higher Self, or Life to open a new door at the right moment. Wisdom works on a higher level. The wisdom of King Solomon in the Bible, is there if we’re receptive. We’re challenged in this cycle (Jupiter-in-Detriment, see above) to avoid judging others’ perspectives, philosophies, approaches and ideas, especially those of people with backgrounds and experiences very different from ours. If we can succeed at this, we’ll learn a lot about ourselves, Life, and of course, about advancing our large-scale (Jupiter) project. Some will volunteer for altruistic causes, (the Saturn- in -Sagittarius’ cycle Dharma.) For the type of project, check the Houses with Virgo and Sagittarius on the cusp.

In summary: symbolically (the Sign) Virgo often wastes energy by over-thinking things, (the planet) Jupiter tends to expend energy blaming others for slowing progress, diluting the idealistic message, or shifting priorities midstream. It’s a challenging cycle, yet much can be accomplished and large- scale, positive changes made.
Both Sagittarius and Virgo are Mutable Signs, favoring flexibility, ideas and communication. Both Signs are helpful by nature.

Jupiter-in-Virgo and the Collective

Since the first Uranus-Pluto square which coincided with the “Arab Spring,” we’ve witnessed the Cosmic Dance between these two outer planets passing through six additional 90-degree contacts. This dance symbolizes the death of the old, post-World War II order (Pluto) and the birth pangs of the new (Uranus.) Though the seven year cycle of squares is waning, the dancers’ Shadows still fall upon the Middle East.
Oil, symbolized by Neptune, is slowly waning in importance. As a result. Western countries will gradually lose interest in the region. In May, 2016 Neptune will join Saturn and Jupiter in a Mutable T-Square (easier to work with than a Fixed or Cardinal Square.)
By June, fast-moving Venus, signifying diplomacy, is the first planet to fill in the missing prong. With Venus in Gemini (Sign of the Twins) there should be at least two workable approaches towards stabilizing the region.
Late May and early June 2016 favor international communication, Then, Venus enters Cancer and the focus shifts inward, “closer to home” and domestic policies.
Jupiter’s apparent retrograde motion through the first quarter of 2016 is best suited to re-evaluating issues related to the Jupiter/ninth House Archetype: Education: in the US, have charter schools worked well enough to justify removing funds from public education? Should public funds be used as scholarship vouchers for religious schools? What about supervisory authority? Does a community have as much control over private (charter) schools as over public schools? Which system is more accountable? Publishing: are children reading more in the Digital Age or less than before? If less, what should be done about it? Overseas vs. domestic focus: shall we fund schools abroad, or focus on the homeland? And standardized tests: how important are they? How has “teaching to the test” worked for students? Authors: do copyright laws for intellectual property still matter in the Digital Age?
Religion, another Sagittarius theme, is now closely associated with the international Archetype as Saturn (Dharma) is simultaneously transiting Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. It’s playing a more important role in international relations. It’s interesting that Pope Francis recently recognized the Palestinian state, and Raul Castro is considering a return to Catholicism after a lifetime as an atheist.

The eclipse on October 21, 2015, at the end of Sagittarius (28 degrees) will be interesting to watch. Eclipses in Sagittarius sometimes coincide with changes in world religions/spiritual leadership. In my client work, late Sagittarius eclipses have coincided with changes on the boards of non-profits.
Global Warming: altruistic concern for the planet may modify or mitigate narrow financial interests, though with Jupiter in Earth (Virgo) that’s problematical. Virgo is, however, concerned with finding practical solutions to specific problems.

Jupiter in Virgo and the Individual

Last year, while Jupiter transited Leo, it seemed as if people with Leo Sun or Leo Rising could reach any goal they set. And the rest of us tended to feel that way about the House with Leo on the cusp. During the Uranus-Jupiter Fire trine, many of us we tried out new, creative ideas, some of which appeared risky to friends and associates. It was a relaxed, more playful time. If we overdid it in the Leo House, we can now reassure our families that caution is returning.
Since some of last year’s Big Ideas worked and others didn’t, it’s time to build on the former and release the latter. During the next 16 months as Jupiter transits wonky Virgo, it’s bringing out the Earth Element. Virgos, Capricorns and Taurans will feel expansive, ready to spend more on travel, books, craft materials, vitamins and anything that makes Virgo feel comfortable and attractive. Some Virgo Sun and Virgo Rising people may gain a few pounds, as they abandon their healthy fruit and cheese desserts for chocolate mousse.
Virgos and other Earth Signs (who receive the trine from Jupiter) will Think Big this year. Cardinal Earth (Capricorn) may be asked to serve on the board of a large organization, Fixed Earth (tenacious Taurus) may spend more on their businesses, some will move to larger spaces with greater visibility; they feel ready now to take on financial risk. Virgos who’ve published blog articles may be asked to contribute to anthologies. Those who’ve been published in anthologies may move on to a larger project, a biography or novel. Craft-minded Virgos may move on from knitting sweaters to Afghans.

Jupiter’s apparent retrograde motion

Jupiter moves Direct from 1 to 23 degrees Virgo between August 1, 2015 and January 8, 2016. Since there are 29 degrees to the Sign, Jupiter travels quite a distance before it “Stations” (vis-à-vis earth’s orbit) in 23 degrees, January 8th
If you have Virgo, Capricorn, and or Taurus planets between 1-23 degrees of Earth, you’ll experience the conjunction (Virgo) or the trines (the other two) in a straight-forward way. This also true for the Rising Sign or Midheaven in these degrees of the Earth Signs.
This is a good time to expand, travel, move to a new house, buy a vacation home or re-locate a distance away. It’s also a good time to begin a study program (learn a practical skill) or open a crafts shop.

Retrograde Jupiter: Virgo’s inner dialogue

The apparent retrograde motion of Jupiter: after about a week in 23 degrees, Jupiter leaves its first Station and begins to slowly backtrack as far as 13 degrees. If you have planets located between 23 and 13 degrees, Jupiter will contact them again. This time, you may be reconsidering your college major, or even the type of school you chose. Or, you may wonder if your craft shop was a mistake. (Perhaps there’s a rumor that the landlord is raising the rent.)
Don’t panic. If you’ve wanted to attend that school or open your store for a long time; the odds are you’re in exactly the right place. If you’ve visited Florida many times, you like the town and your best friend has also retired there, chances are its right for you, even if you’ve heard property taxes and flood insurance are going up. People tend to experience anxiety (or buyers’ remorse) on retrograde Jupiter.
If you have planets in 13-14 degrees, where Jupiter is slow-to-nearly stationary, get some exercise. It’ll be there through the spring. Don’t overthink your situation; it’s counterproductive and leads to insomnia. We tend to forget the temporary delays and frustration, but remember the information acquired during retrogrades a long time.

On May 10, Jupiter turns Direct. (vis-à-vis Earth’s orbit) and is moving more quickly by the first week of June. By Jupiter’s third contact to your planets, going Direct this time, situations will be resolved, probably to your advantage, in the House with Virgo on the cusp.

Example: By the end of June, Virgos who felt frustrated because they couldn’t find carpeting they liked during the retrograde will remark, “I’m so glad now that I didn’t opt for carpeting, because what I really want is tile and area rugs. I’ve lived in the house long enough now to see that.”

If you have planets at the end of an Earth Sign (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) between 24- 29 degrees, you may feel optimistic (jovial) in your Virgo House from August 2015 on. You won’t experience a direct conjunction or trine to your Earth planets early in the Jupiter cycle. Jupiter travels from 24-29 degrees August 12-Sept 10 2016.
Jupiter in Virgo: general suggestions

II the House with Virgo on the cusp, we may need to bring in an expert to help clear away last year’s debris, especially if we overextended our schedules during Jupiter in Leo.
The first quarter of 2016 is the best time to find one, and to revise projects already underway, (Jupiter retrograde, Jan 8-May 9th.)
If an expensive trip is planned for those dates, travel insurance is recommended.
Many Virgos will revise and edit material between April 23 and May 22, 2016. (Mercury, their ruling planet, is Retrograde.)
On the Jupiter-Saturn square in early June, these revisions may push the Mutable Signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini) in a new direction. There may be a change of publisher, or a spin-off from last year’s project may prove more successful than the original idea. This is a good time to consult your agent or look for a new one. Astrologers recommend waiting till after Mercury goes Direct to sign contracts, though.
In early May, 2016 there’s a Mutable T-square involving Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune (if you have planets in the first decanate.) Virgos, Sagittarians, and Pisceans may feel confused about choosing a new direction, there’s so much input from the Universe.
Late May through mid- June two new opportunities, or two new people, may appear, offering to work with Virgo. The dust settles from all of this, and clarity (Virgo logic) returns in July, 2016 when Neptune is no longer as important an influence. Many Earth Signs will feel more settle when Venus enters Cancer (see above.)
Jupiter, the most altruistic, expansive planet, brings out Virgo’s desire to be helpful. Many Virgos will volunteer in 2016.

With so much going on in your life, it’s difficult, but also very important, to find time for your exercise routine.
If you’re associated with a non-profit, the section above: The Collective, may be useful. If you’re interested in spirituality, or in Jungian astrology, you may enjoy the esoteric section.

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