Kathleen Burt
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Kathleen Burt

An astrologer in private practice for 30 years, Kathleen Burt is the renowned author of Archetypes of the Zodiac, about Sun Signs from the perspectives of mythology, psychology, and esoteric astrology.

A Fulbright scholar to India, Kathleen completed her graduate work in South Asian history at the University of Chicago. She has taught at both Roosevelt University in Chicago and Mira Costa College in California. In the 1980’s, she participated in Patterns in Health, a two-year program on the archetypes, dreams, ritual and Active Imagination led by Jungian analysts in Del Mar, California. In the late 1990’s, she completed the teacher’s training in Viniyoga, (the yoga sequencing of T.K.V. Desikachar) with Trish O’Reily in Solana Beach, California.

Her popular weekend workshop, The Rising Sign, Writers and the Second Half of Life is available on this site as a boxed set of 20 CDs, with an insert listing the authors by Rising Sign and Element.

Kathleen's new book, Beyond the Mask: The Rising Sign and the Second Half of Life emerged from weekend workshops. It includes archetypal elder stories and examples taken from the lives of writers, artists, creative psychologists, and a few stories from Kathleen’s client work. Beyond the Mask is now available. Please click here to order your copy today.

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