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Kathleen Burt


Welcome to Window To The Stars!

As an astrologer in private practice for over 30 years, I hope this site will help visitors bring out the best in their horoscopes.

The information, books and CDs that you will find here will help you attain the potential of your birth chart and provide a beacon on your life map that will enhance your creativity, health and spirituality.

The personality can be viewed as a wheel whose 12 spokes, the signs of the zodiac, are in constant motion. At the center of the wheel is the Self, the unmoving, silent tranquil eye of the storm.

All of us are unconsciously attempting to reach the hub of the wheel, for it is here that we peacefully slow down to make calmer, wiser choices among our desires: mundane decisions about career, romance, family, health, retirement.

It is my sincere hope that these pages will help take you on a fascinating and revealing passage through the signs.

Enjoy The Journey!

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