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Beyond The Mask


Praise for Kathleen's new book: Beyond the Mask: The Rising Sign, Creativity and Spirituality in the Second Half of Life

Those lovers of  mythology astrology, Jung, biographies, poetry and other ways of knowing will feel blessed to have found your work; weaving insight into the varied disciplines. I am so proud of you and the dedication to get the work out into the world.

Joyce Brady
San Francisco, California

Kathleen Burt analyzes and explains Rising Signs with brilliant insight, deft wit and scholarly skill. Beyond the Mask is a major addition to astrological literature; trenchant, sagacious—a riveting read.

Jeannette Scollard
author, Seeking Bliss
San Diego, California

Beyond the Mask is a treasure that every professional and amateur astrologer needs to keep on his desk. As Kathleen Burt combines myth and legend, the Rising Signs jump off the page. Her detailed examples are entertaining and memorable, depicting the challenges and joys of each Sign.

Vicki Gloor
TV producer and author
The King is Coming to Dinner
Del Mar, California



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